Farm Fresh Media

A blast from our organizations past, September 2018

In September 2018 our founder Ethan The Farmer wrote a blog post discussing the overall needs of the organization as it stood then. Since, we firmly believe that “those who do not study history are destined to repeat it.” We thought a article discussing that post was in order.

As long as we discussing the historical aspect of our parent organizations financial needs. It would only be appropriate to touch on…

“Giving Tuesday” is fast approaching in the United States. This is a national fundraising day, in which many of the massive players in the nonprofit world bank on for the executives Christmas bonuses. Those of us involved in “Farm Fresh Media” are NOT here making six figure pay, but instead believe in putting the resources into the programs, and actually using the majority of the funds to help those in the programs. Our overhead is extremely low, and our administration costs are lower than any other organization our size. Our staff live out their lives with the passion and intensity to “be the change” in our world. Please consider donating today.

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