Faith 2.0 – Faith of Only a Mustard Seed

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Faith 2.0.

Faith Of Only a Mustard Seed:


When we put our faith in objects…

and put a little thought into it how does that affect our lives?

Throughout our daily travels and endeavors we put the faith in many things and give it a little thought. Why is that? How come we often can put Faith in objects without giving it any thought whatsoever? But when it’s time to put Faith in our fellow humans or in something we cannot see like our beliefs we are unable or struggle to do so?


How many times have we stopped and asked …

Will that chair hold me?

Or what about the fellow driver stopping for a stop sign?

We have faith but they will stop.

Or when we step on the brakes we have faith that we will stop?


What determines our ability to have faith without questioning?

Is it a learned behavior?

Is it a conscientious or subconscious decision?

How can we develop a faith like we have in a chair –  in regards to our beliefs?

Much like our faith in that chair to hold us.


Throughout the course of my life, my journey towards nonprofit and activism,  I have sometimes struggled with faith. How it relates to my beliefs. The moral issues of what and why I believe what I believe.  And even in regards to Faith that my needs and those who i take responsibility for will be taken care of. As I thought about these articles and writing them, I spent a lot of time thinking about faith. How it has corresponded to the journey as I’ve traveled it.

Without faith and a firm belief structure, I would have never been able to survive the situations where I put myself at risk for what I believe. Faith in my beliefs has allowed me walk the roads I’ve walked. Be it easy (and seldom they were) or rough beyond my wildest dreams, Faith allowed me to walk this walk. Without faith in where I believe I’m going when I die I could have never risked the physical life as I know it, the way that I have. I have faith that when I die I’m going to a better place beyond in heaven.  Where there’s no pain, no sorrow, no heartache, no abandonment. (I will be writing an article at some point exploring why I believe this, and where i derive my faith in an “everlasting life after death”) I have a faith that doesn’t waiver in what I believe and doesn’t allow others to compromise that faith. I choose due to my belief structure to NOT run around preaching and bashing others, as many due in relation to their christian based beliefs. These articles are the first time I have ever written about my beliefs and are a result of many questioning, wondering, and asking about them.


Our pets exhibit faith in their humans daily…

That we will feed and care for them.

Are children exhibit faith in their parents…

That we we’ll take care of them and protect them.

Where did our children and pets learn to have an unwavering faith?

When the going gets tough for those of us with a strong moral compass it is more often than not hard to have and uncompromising faith.

Why is that?

What can we do as people of morals and strong beliefs do to be more like our children and pets?


There’s a verse that refers to all you need is faith the size of grain of a mustard seed in order to move a mountain. Whoa! That’s not much faith in the scope of things. I’d say that whomever came up with this lacked a basic sense of the physics of things. I’ve grown mustard in my life and I tell you a fifty pound sack of mustard seed and you could grow mustard from one end to to the other end of Kansas. Why is it that of all the things that he could be used for an analogy he chose the little old mustard seed? I think it was to demonstrate just how a little faith it takes to make such a huge impact.


Matthew 17:20 And Jesus said unto them, “Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.”


Here,  I going back to that story that I used in “Faith Part One” of the series about how Faith was involved in my tire troubles. Just imagine if I would have had more faith? How much more powerful of an effect can I have had on others for good, with just a little more faith? Maybe just one mustard seed or two worth of faith?


I firmly we have a duty if we live this life with a conscience. To explore just why we cannot exhibit the uncompromising faith with others and with our beliefs. The kind faith that we exhibit when we have faith in that chair without thinking about it. I would encourage each of you to think about where your faith comes from? What you have faith in without thinking about it? And why do some things we struggle so hard to find faith in?


Do we exhibit little faith as in Matthew 8:26 (ASV) “And he saith unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm.”?

How much more effective could each of us be in our calling with just one more mustard seed of faith? Would that One More Mustard Seed worth of Faith give us the courage to step out and truly follow our calling? To become “the change we want to see in our communities”? Would that little bit of faith give us the courage to stand for the Homeless? The Veterans? The Disabled? The families? God’s Creation (our natural environment)?


How can each of us work to develop and nurture a mustard seed of faith in our daily lives?

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