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Make sure and check out our NEWLY relaunched member of our Classifieds Platform.
Help Support LOCAL communities economies!

As we here at GTKYF Foundation Inc continue on our mission as it relates to strong farms, food, families, and freedom. We believe that thriving LOCAL economy is essential to everyone and all of our core mission areas. That being said that is why we originally launched the classified platform and now why we are relaunching it with an even more robust set of capabilities.

We at GTKYF Foundation Inc throughout all of our programs believe that if we are going to point our what someone is doing wrong, we also need to provide a positive alternative. So when the big player on the block decided to start censoring, charging, and other wise controlling the free economy, we said we would create an alternative. And this is it…

Things that make us better:

  • We DO NOT CENSOR peoples political, or religious speech in our community or political sections.
  • We encourage Legitimate small business and gigs to post their listings.
  • We encourage barter, trade and other exchange types of commerce.
  • We Moderate ALL ADS and do our best to NOT permit BOTs…
  • We allow the LEGAL trade of herbs, plants, oils, animals, and other items the big companies have tried to block.
  • We are a NON PROFIT and offer these sites for the sole purpose to help facilitate small business, and strong economic vibrant communities.
  • We offer site sponsorships, affiliate marketing opportunities, and Bill board ads to help fund and offset the costs of providing these sites. In addition to your continued donations.
  • We reserve the right to Block and moderate anything that goes against our core principles as they relate to Farms, Food, Families, and Freedom.
    • NO PORN as these are family friendly sites
    • NO Solicitation of ANY UNLAWFUL Activities or Violence.

Farm Fresh Media Org. is responsible for the operation of all of the family of Classified Group.

Don’t forget that this group, and all of the programs we offer from Farm Fresh Media, and our parent organization rely on your generous donations to keep us going. Please consider donating TODAY!

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