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Let my people go

The Expectations of Let My People Go Bill Project

The Let My People Go Bill Project is creating a bill that they hope will be passed into law that affects prison reform, homelessness, and the drug war.

The bill that the Let My People Go Bill Project is creating focuses on many aspects of prison reform.

If enacted, the bill will stop the use of all privatized prisons, which would improve safety and security as well as lower costs.

Currently, prisons, such as Mississippi State Penitentiary, use slave labor to stay afloat. With the bill, it would cease all slave labor and focus more on rehabilitation. It will provide means to teach those in jail on how to get a job once released, learn how to pay fines, and help guide through child support process.

Panhandling is currently illegal in every state. If enacted, the bill would change how panhandling is legally viewed.

In most states it is illegal to feed the homeless.

Florida arrested a 90-year-old man numerous times in Fort Lauderdale for feeding the homeless every week.

Arnold Abbott, along with his crew of 150 people would feed the homeless men, women, and children in Fort Lauderdale.

Since then, Abbotts has passed at the age of 94.

If it was not for his continued effort, the ordinances would not have changed.

With the Let My People Go Bill, it would force laws and ordinances to change and allow kindhearted people to feed homeless people in their area.

The bill also touches on creating tiny homes to be used by the homeless in certain parks.

With the bill, tax laws would also be affected.

The bill would change how major pharmaceutical companies would be taxed. The increased taxes would go towards building drug rehabilitation centers.

The bill has yet to be sent to the government as the creators are currently traveling the country to speak on college campuses to gather support and input for the bill.

They are currently in Florida fighting a ticket they were given at a Rainbow Gathering.

The founder of the bill was cited for digging a hole in a forest to bury their feces.

The forests website says that it is permitted to do so, but law enforcement put up signs saying that digging holes is a criminal act.

Their original court date was this week, but they were given a continuance until next month.

Once this is over with, it is safe to assume that hey will be traveling once more.

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