Farm Fresh Media

Our Channels:

As many of you know we have a diverse group of media projects.

Many of the core aspects are moving to our NEW parent GTKYF Media Group and GTKYF TECH Group in the coming months. As well as a NEW Store for all your SWAG and copies of the printed materials we produce.

Here are the core groups and links to their series:

  • Articles: We have a long running group of articles related to all things farms, food, families, and freedom. We will continue to publish articles here as they relate to farms, food, families, and freedom. Many of the articles that are already here will be republished on the corresponding site as well as we will be offering published series of specific topics in print for sale in our store.
  • Publications: In 2019 we here at Farm Fresh Media began actually publishing some of our content into hard copy written form, as well as E-books. These E-books, and printed materials may be purchased in our store via this link.
  • Video Channels: We produce and are involved in an ever growing collection of videos. Some are informational, some document historically things we have been involved in as an organization.
  • Pod Casts: We are involved in producing multiple podcast series, and have an historical archive of others that we were involved in over the course of our involvement in activism.
  • Websites: we operate in excess of six hundred sites, and own over 3000 domains all related to our core topics of farms, food, families, and freedom. The majority of the TECH related assets and projects are moving to our NEW GTKYF TECH GROUP. with the goal of growing our digital foot print to over 4000 active domains by the end of 2020 as well as creating our own apps, and many other aspects of tech related projects designed to facilitate the free and open exchange of information and the support of strong local economies.
  • Social Media: We operate a diverse group of social media assets across a wide range of social media platforms. Most of our content creation and social media presence is moving to our NEW GTKYF MEDIA GROUP. to better facilitate the continued growth and efforts to provide quality content and media moving forward.
  • LIVE Coverage: We have provided extensive LIVE coverage of many events, and will continue to into the future.
  • Ethan The Farmer: Our parent organizations (GTKYF Foundation Inc) founder, produces several series, and is involved in this program on a ongoing basis.  From His “Farmers Thoughts” articles, podcasts, and videos. To the series “Sermons From the HomeStead”. and the newest edition is a podcast series called “The Constitution”.

All of these programs are done with the intention and passion to provide factual real news related to people in their everyday lives.  We can only do this with your continued generous donations.  Please consider DONATING TODAY!