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Our group is building some websites related to the current crisis:

Yes you heard that right we are building a few websites that touch on a variety of the different issues related to the novel CoronaVirus, other wise known as COVID-19. In our continued efforts to provide relevant content and information related to farms, food, families, and freedom we thought targeting specific aspects that the main stream media is missing would be in order. As we work to get these live ASAP and make an impact on peoples lives as they are being turned upside down, our minds and hearts are with those that are suffering due to this crisis.

IF you have factual, relevant content, information, stories, or persons you think we should interview as we are working on this NEW and pressing project. Please feel free to email them here and be sure to provide a way for us to contact you to discuss any questions we may have. If you know someone who has been personally effected by this, we would be happy to tell their story from their point of view. Please put us in contact with them at the above link.

As most of you reading this know the nations economy and the world have taken a huge hit with this situation. As a direct result the requests for services, programs, and assistance is off the charts for our parent organization. But the donation stream has all but dried up…

Even our program participants in the STEP Group have had to not work and seen projects canceling left and right. The profits from the STEP Group businesses go to help fund the parent organization as well. And are all but gone.

In these challenging times we ask you to join with us and care for our fellow human. If you are in a position to donate and help us keep on helping all those who rely on the many programs. We would be ever so grateful for your help, as would they. But please whatever you do, do not jeopardize you nor your family in order to give to us in this current environment.

Thank you and our prayer is that each of you stay health through this.

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