Farm Fresh Media


Here are our publications we currently offer:

  • “Is It Worth The Risk?” A brochure that speaks to some of the reasons why not to use Glyphosate and any of its ugly family members.  This brochure is excellent to use as a tool to help plant the seed of sustainable ag in the minds of those whose mind is firmly set on conventional agriculture. Purchase your copies TODAY – HERE!
  • “Farming God’s Way” is a series that we have taken from our founders, Ethan The Farmer  called “Sermons From the Home Stead”. This series of brochures covers why and how those that claim a specific religious mindset cannot farm conventionally.  Currently there is one and two in the series availible in print.
  • “GMO vs Hybrid vs Heirloom” A brochure that discusses the differences in the seeds and why you as a home gardener will probably not have access to GMO as we know it today.  A good educational discussion with your local farmers as to what and why they are farming the way they are.

We also have the following E- Books availible:

  • “HomeSteading – The Basics” This E Book covers the very basics of Homesteading and provides useful information to those considering the Homesteading way of life.

Additional Publications will be added as we publish in the future. Please check out our store for current listing, pricing, and availability.