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Thaddeus D Llama creates Tampa Llama Gate as he Travels across Florida

Thaddeus, who lives in Pennsylvania, traveled to Florida during Valentine’s week to help a farmer bring awareness to many horrible situations happening across the nation.

Thaddeus was accompanied by Ethan the Farmer, who traveled to Florida for the annual Florida Rainbow Gathering.

He knew Ethan and him could not make the travels alone, so he enlisted the help of an alpaca, Tragically Cute, and Ethan’s dogs.

They made numerous stops along the 2,000-mile trip to and from the gathering.

One of the stops was in Tampa. They grabbed enough attention to go viral locally on social media.

One journalist had to know more about Thaddeus, as a beer was at stake.

 “Seriously, if someone can tell me what the deal was with the llama in downtown Tampa today, I’d like to know. My editor has offered to buy me a beer if I can get to the bottom of it.”

Thaddeus traveled all over Tampa, but mainly fancied government buildings such as the courthouse and city hall.

 He was in a very chatty mood and helped Ethan gather people over so Ethan can talk about social issues including the farming crisis, mass incarceration, and homeless laws.

 And who better to talk law to than no other than Florida’s Bar Association.

One of the discussions Ethan had with Florida’s Bar Association was keeping the government out of farming, which is one of the beliefs of Just Us Riders.

They were so interested in Thaddeus, they took a picture and posted it online dubbing his appearance as #TampaLlamaGate.

Thaddeus did not want to stop there. He heard of beautiful sights all across Florida and made stops in Miami, Fort Myers, Sarasota, and Gainesville over the following week.

This is not the first time Thaddeus has made road trips. He has been all over the nation over the years.

During one of the protests against President Trump’s inauguration, Thaddeus and Ethan made an appearance in Washington D.C.

With Thaddeus by his side, Ethan had a message to spread, and he did.

“It’s time we get corporate money out of our government, out of our farms, out of our food, out of our families, out of our freedom.”

If you think Thaddeus’s family supports one wing of the government, you would be wrong, as Shay has protested at the D.N.C. as well.

Though Thaddeus loves big crowds and marching, he also likes spending his time occupying local farmer markets, where people get to enjoy petting him and asking questions about farming.

Speaking of occupying, Thaddeus is also well versed in the Occupy movement. More specifically, Occupy Colorado.

Though, he probably couldn’t recite what he has heard back in English, he has listened to many conversations that Ethan has had over the years.

Thaddeus has made it back home successfully and back to his normal shenanigans. 

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