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Wisconsin Activist says District Attorney wont Press Charges after Animal Abuse Case

Jeremy Ryan was arrested in 2018, and while he was incarcerated, his dogs were neglected and abused, but Ryan claims the government won’t investigate the abuse his dogs had to endure.

Ryan is an activist, that was indicted on a terrorism charge in November 2018, after attempting to buy a radioactive chemical on the dark web to use in a suicide attempt.

After being locked up, during the investigation, Ryan was able to find someone to watch his dogs. At least he thought he did, according to blog.

Ryans dogs were taken to the humane society after being arrested. Through jail communication, Ryan was able to authorize his roommates Emily Magarian and Ryan Martinson to pick up the dogs and for them to take care of the dogs.

Magarian and Martinson did so, and watched the dogs for a short time Ryan said on his blog. After a short while, they started complaining about taking care of them.

It was around this time the roommates stopped paying rent.

Once finding out the rent was no longer being paid, Ryan tried to have friend Valerie Walasek check on the dogs.

Each time she tried, no one was home.

On December 25, Walasek was able to communicate with Magarian and was told the dogs were fine.

On January 2, Walasek was able to access the house to visually see the dogs.

According to Ryans blog:

“What she found was three dogs starved nearly to death.  The picture above shows Indica, the previously nearly 200 lb Saint Bernard.  She was the easiest to tell the extent. Duke and Indica were left in their cages with no food and one bowl of water for over a week.  On top of Dukes crate was a half full bag of dog food serving as further torture as he could smell the food but couldn’t get it as he starved to death. Rex was left in the room.  The entire house was trashed and filled with months worth of excrement showing that Emily and Ryan hadn’t taken them out for months. Dukes nose was nearly rubbed off from trying to get out of the crate and he was bow legged for weeks.  Both were laying in their own excrement in their crates. Rex was in a room filled with dog feces and urine. All three dogs were starved and dehydrated nearly to death. Walking was difficult and their bodies had already begun to shut down.  It was so bad that their bodies couldn’t handle food again right away. Emily had left them at least a week ago and left them to die. All while assuring friends who were willing to help that they were well taken care of. She tried claiming she didn’t leave them that long.  But just look at the picture of Indica above. A healthy Saint Bernard does not get that skinny with just a short period of neglect. “

Ryan had Walasek call animal control, so they could investigate and document the torture and abuse.

They refused to come out since the dogs could now be assisted by someone, according to Ryans blog.

“They said that they can only come out if the animal is still being mistreated or is dead.  The animal can be one breath away from death but they will do literally nothing unless they are dead or still being neglected.  They said in no uncertain terms that while animal neglect is illegal and the animal doesn’t have to die or still be neglected to make a case, the District Attorney’s office has made a blanket declaration that they will not prosecute any case whatsoever in which the animal doesn’t die or isn’t still being neglected when animal services comes.”

Wisconsin statute 951.02 says:

“Mistreating animals,” states: “No person may treat any animal, whether belonging to the person or another, in a cruel manner.”

The statue goes on saying that conviction under this section does not require proof of intent or negligence.

Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne has taken a controversial stance on animal abuse cases, since being sworn in.

Over the years, many petitions were created, that were sent to Ozanne regarding torture and abuse towards animals.

According to Wisconsin’s government website:

“Humane officers can” … “ask law enforcement officers and district attorneys to enforce and prosecute violations.”

So, as it currently stands, if you see animal abuse in Dane County, do not help the animal before animal control arrives.

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